Pain Clinic

They are lowly invasive procedures to treat vertebral pain (back pain, sciatica, cervical pain, etc.)

Infiltration of anti-inflammatory substances (steroids) into the column. We use a very sophisticated X-ray device, digital fluoroscopy, which allows to visualize the column in three dimensions and therefore direct the needle with high precision. Medication is injected into the epidural space which surrounds nerves and sacks. 

The epidural space may be infiltrated at lumbar, cervical and thoracic levels.

Infiltration of anti-inflammatory substances (steroids) around a clamped or swollen nerve. When we have sciatica, it is possible to introduce the needle into the hole where the nerve is coming out and 'draw' it in the X-ray screen. This way, the infiltration is much more effective and may be solved much faster. 

Infiltration of anti-inflammatory substances (steroids) into the joints (hip, knee and shoulder). Using sophisticated image devices (ultrasonografy and fluoroscopy) we may observe the internal details in hip, knee and shoulder (tendons, meniscus, joint capsules, etc.) and place the needle where precise to deflate, aspire cysts or whatever necessary.

Radiofrequency in vertebral column joints (rhyzolisis) Many patients suffer ostheoarthritis or wear in small joints that gather vertebrae and, therefore, have back pain. Radiofrequency is a very special electrical current that travels at a very fast pace (it changes polarity 500 thousand times in a second.) By means of a radiofrequency generator we may operate into the very thin nerve transmitting the sensitivity of these joints and make it no sensitive- not to conduct pain. 

There is treatment of lumbar and cervical rhyzolisis, which solves cervical pain, migrains and cervical whiplash from traffic accidents. We use two different techniques: the Dutch one, Maastrich's school, and the Australian one, from the University of Newcastle.

Nucleoplastics of invertebral disk for slipped disk. By means of a special electrode we carve tunnels into the slipped disk and deflate the hernia inside. We only use percutaneous stuff, that is, cannulae and needles without cutting skin, and there is no need of admission. When it's over, patients go back home alone with simple postoperatory directions.

Anuloplastics and interdisk bioplastics. They are brand-new techniques used to eliminate pain coming out from the very disk. Several tools are inserted into the disk (flexible electrode, self-refrigerated electrode) that allow interrupting disk nerve transmission and dolve this kind of annulling pain.

Cement injection for vertebral fracture (Vertebroplastics) Many people have vertebral fractures spontaneously due to osteoporosis (calcium deficiency in bones) or due to accidents. In these cases, we inject special cement into the broken vertebra and eliminate pain radically.